And the winner is...

In 2012, BMW launched the ActiveE trial program to get 1,000 modified 1-series cars into the hands of some enthusiastic drivers.

We, the people, took the cars and piled on the miles! And, here's what we recorded from the enthusiastic members of the ActiveE Facebook group on both the East and West Coast.

Date Line - how the 3,176,081 miles arrived.

The East Coast took an early lead as you can see however, it looks like we made too much noise about it as, by mid 2013, the West Coast got into gear:

Here's another way of interacting with the date line if you have the old flash plugin:

Most Miles - Who gets the prize?

And the grand prize... For sitting in the drivers seat of an ActiveE for what would be 100 days straight at 30mph... Mr. Tom Moloughney!

And the real winner is...

We all got to drive a fun and different car for two-years or more so, that makes all of us the winners.


Hey, and I just found out, that because I just got an email from BMW alerting me to the need to service it, somewhere, my ActiveE is still out there... maybe with more miles on it than Toms!

(c) Michael Thwaite, thanks to my daughter for crunching the numbers.